My favourite YA trilogies/series📖

Hello guys, it’s Demi here. Bringing you my favourite young adult trilogies (and/or) series of all time.  As per usual, I have left Harry Potter off of this list as it’s obviously one of my favourite series ever. I wouldn’t have a massive thigh tattoo relating to it if I hated it. Also, I’m sure… Continue reading My favourite YA trilogies/series📖

My top 5 fantasy books 🌼

Two posts in two days? I am back in business!  Today I thought I’d bring you a post all about my top five favourite fantasy books. Of course, this list changes on the daily, and will hopefully change in the future as I am hoping to read a lot more fantasy books during my time. … Continue reading My top 5 fantasy books 🌼


So I know people say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we all do. I do, I admit to it! I always buy books for their covers or don’t buy them because I think that their cover is ugly. I’m totally guilty of it. AND THAT IS OKAY. … Continue reading COVER BUYS ❣️