Hello bookworms! I’m here to bring you a short and snappy, non-spoiler review of The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I hope you enjoy! 

This review could possibly be a bit brief because I finished this book about an hour ago and I just can’t even cope with the ending of this book. 
First off, this book is amazing. I rated it 5 stars and would’ve given it more if I could. 

I was not expecting to like this book, I really enjoy the fantasy genre but I think this book has some dystopian elements to it and I rarely read dystopian novels. However, that pushed aside, I really really enjoyed the dystopian parts of it! However, this doesn’t mean I suddenly enjoy dystopian books again because, sorry, it’s a no from me. 
This book began with introducing us to one of the best, bad-ass female main characters I have ever read about: Paige Mahoney. Paige is a young lady, who works with a gang of criminals and her job is to break into other people’s minds to find out information. (People who are able to do different forms of magic in this world are called Clairvoyants and they are classed as criminals due to the type of magic they do.) However, even if she didn’t work for this gang, she would still be classed as a criminal for being what she is: a Dreamwalker which is the rarest form of Clairvoyant. 

Paige “accidentally” killed someone after a long day of work with the gang, on the tube. Granted, I think it was self defence as that person would have had her tortured and killed for being who she is. Because of this, during that night she gets kidnapped and taken to a place which is a prison which is in the city of Oxford. 

She gets claimed by a Rephaim when she is there, who is in control of her and his job is to train Paige with regards to her magic and to take care of her. He is known as “Warden.” 
Now I’m not going to say anymore as I don’t want to spoil anyone. But this book has the correct amount of everything in it: friendship, family, world building, romance, unique plot, characters and rebellion. 

It is such a fantastic book and I highly recommend it! 

5/5 stars 🌟 

If anyone has read this book and would like to fan girl with me over it, comment below or tweet me @frstpagewonders / commen on my instagram @firstpagewonders ♥️

Demi // firstpagewonders

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