So I know people say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we all do. I do, I admit to it! I always buy books for their covers or don’t buy them because I think that their cover is ugly. I’m totally guilty of it. AND THAT IS OKAY. 

Here are a just a couple (of many) books that I bought solely on their covers. There are a lot more than this, but these are the ones that first sprung to mind. 

1. Flame In The Mist – Renée Ahdieh

This book is one of the most photogenic books that I own, the cover is absolutely gorgeous. I have to admit that I don’t even know what this book is about, I just picked it up because of the cover. 

2. Caraval – Stephanie Garber 

This book is beautiful with and without the dust jacket on it. My UK copy has a gold circus tent on the hardcover underneath the dust jacket and it is honestly so beautiful. Whoever designed this cover got it perfect. 

3. The Infernal Devices trilogy – Cassandra Clare

Yes, I brought these books because of the hype surrounding them, too, but I do admit that the covers would have made me buy them even if they weren’t popular. My favourite cover out of the whole trilogy is Clockwork Princess’.

4. Strange The Dreamer – Laini Taylor

Do I even need to explain? Seriously. The UK hardcover edition is absolutely stunning. I have the copy with blue sprayed pages too. It’s one of my pride and joys – I haven’t even read it and I don’t even know what it is about!

5. Autoboyography- Christina Lauren

I know this is a popular contemporary novel. I don’t know any more that that and only brought it because of it’s cover and the fact it’s a floppy paperback. I love floppy paperbacks. 

6. They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera

One of my favourite books of the year. I prefer the US editions of this book compared to the UK, but it’s still beautiful and the only reason I brought it nonetheless. 

7. A Shadow Bright and Burning – Jessica Cluess 

I have no idea what it’s about, all I know is that it’s a fantasy book and the cover is gorgeous. 

What books have you brought because of the cover? 


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3 thoughts on “COVER BUYS ❣️”

  1. I also bought Flame In The Mist, Autoboyography and The infernal devices trilogy because of the covers. They’re just so pretty I couldn’t resist. To be honest I bought half of my books because of the covers 😂

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